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June 3rd, 2013 - Ultra [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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June 3rd, 2013

(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2013|03:29 pm]
Why We Fight;
Part of the reason I’ve not yet jumped wholeheartedly onto the Kurz love train is that in contradiction to a writer who thought there was “No Revolution Anywhere” I think it’s patently obvious that the revolution of this epoch IS alive and kicking. Today alone we’re into the fifth day of an unprecedented civil uprising in Turkey, with solidarity demonstrations in many places around the world, including the home of Occupy Wall Street, Zuccoti Park in New York as simultaneous violent opposition to EU Austerity policies are being fought by “Blockupy” protests in Frankfurt, with ongoing action in many other parts of the world.

The desire for authentic, free life is fought for and won in desperate, breathtakingly courageous campaigns in places like Cambodia and Sri Lanka against fascist and crypto fascist thugs, giving the lie to first world cynics like McKenzie Wark. This is not to say that opposition to Wark or those of his ilk is automatically going to guarantee authenticity or originality, it does however give one a distance otherwise unavailable and the chance to look directly at the evidence of what and where reaction on the plane of ideas exists at the present moment in history and I, as do the other signatories of the statement, think it inhabits the corrupt brain of po-mo liars prostituting themselves and their tenured professorial boltholes which exist for no other purpose than serving the millennia long quest of those in power to make sure nothing ever changes.

Wark and his ilk, a pack of scumbags that includes Stewart Home, the so-called Wu Ming & NZs’ own Chamsy El Ojeili, have no interest in the SIs legacy of radical contestation other than to recuperate and nullify it, which is why we think its necessary and appropriate to call them out for it. The fact that noone since the dissolution of the SI in 1972 has resorted to such brazen and banal uses of the remaining images of Debord as the 3d printed “Action figures” until very recently is a sign of the great respect that was and still is felt towards the man and his work (up til ’86 and the Comments anyway) by those who still see the need for revolution.

People like Wark don’t critique things. Not really. What he writes is not authentic critical theory, it’s a plastic sheath of vacuous lies designed to seal up & inoculate the jagged, dangerous essence of the Debord of Society Of The Spectacle, the Debord that wanted to demolish alienated capitalist society and who created, in the Situationist International, the most effective vehicle of 20th century to see that project through.

Wark and his PO-mo peers, on the other hand, never get beneath the surface of things
so that their pathetic, recuperated attempts at Detournement are merely a way to plaster over the cracks of a broken society, to salvage it, not to break through to a new, non alienated world.

Along with the other signatories of the Stunted Publicity statement I reject totally everything Wark says and does as reactionary and enabling of the poisonous status quo. If the writing, signing and publication of the statement counts as a form of collective praxis and if this praxis is seen as authentic and necessary it’s not because any of us see ourselves as the “True inheritors” of the Sis legacy, it’s because the dialectic has a way of bringing into the light previously hidden aspects and facets of the truth.

If this leads to subsequent collaborations, new experiments and games, always aiming at a greater and deeper realization of ourselves and our lives, so much the better. Radical Subjectivity, The Potlatch , detournement, the critique of the spectacle and so on are not our private property as post situs except and to the degree that we ourselves detourn them by reinvesting them, making them available to those on the frontline of current struggles.

Grant McDonagh
New Zealand
June 2 1013
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